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Donna’s 50th

While I have made several posts over the years, Donna is an unsung hero. So much of what she does is behind the scenes, quietly serving. She deserves honor and respect for all she does!

When I had to dig through couch cushions and in the seats of my car in order to buy her a cheap fast-food burger, Donna did not just believe in me, she believed in us. She ignored those who thought we would not last one year, much less the thirty-one years and counting.

In those thirty-one years, we have had much more than our fair share of problems. I have written about death and infertility to which many of you have expressed sympathy. So let me share a different kind. About the time Caleb was born, Donna received a job offer to teach out of state. She had applied at many schools for a year and this was the first possibility to open up. She was willing to give up her career to raise Caleb. I urged her to take it and she did. It meant she was not home five days a week but thankfully a good friend offered a room in her home near the school. After nine months, Donna transferred to a school near our home. For the next 15 years were only able to get a babysitter at most a couple of times a year. Some years we had no time alone for a date night or a quiet evening stroll together. For some of those years, we had foster kids, mentally alert 24/7 against what wild thing would occur next, with no break.

Besides caring for our children and foster kids, she cares for many of your kids as well. Donna taught Sunday School for over twelve years. She has been in public schools for 26 years making a personal impact on thousands of high schoolers. Donna sees her students working around town and always makes sure they know they are appreciated and seen. Some students have brought tough cases to her for guidance from pregnancy to homelessness to abuse, and many in between.

The care she places on every child or task is staggering. She knows who enjoyed certain spices and favorite foods, as well as little life details. I doubt anyone knows how much Donna loves because her love language is serving and giving.

Currently, between grief and her skin disease, I am surprised she continues to get out of bed and keeps our home running smoothly. Despite all, she perseveres. We all have off days, but she continues to keep showing up and pushing to keep us all healthy, well-fed, and cared for.

Donna captured my heart when we were talking and walking around the college campus. She was young and just starting her first year while I was starting my third year. After many hours of talking, we sat on a bench under a nearly full moon and then we kissed. The day before she disliked me and thought I was arrogant. I am glad she looked past that and gave me a chance.

I try to honor my bride every day, but today is special. Today is her 50th birthday! I wanted to throw a party but we found an opening at Pirateland on Myrtle Beach for this week. When I found out I would be getting surgery last week, I canceled our Myrtle Beach plans. Now the surgery has been postponed and there is no time to plan anything. Despite not being able to honor Donna the way I wanted, I have found a fantastic gift for her! We rarely give gifts to each other. I wish I could tell you what it is, but stay close and you will know soon! I had an artist write a song for her!

Happy Birthday my love!

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  1. Lynnette Flatt

    “Despite all, she perseveres. We all have off days, but she continues to keep showing up and pushing to keep us all healthy, well-fed, and cared for.” I love this. This describes Donna on many levels, including deep friendship. I am coming off of a disappointing season, and she met me right where I needed to be held. She listened to my heart, and encouraged me with words and sincerity that is hard to find these days. We love Donna! Happy Birthday to a real classy lady. I look forward to hearing more about her birthday weekend! God bless you all. ~ Lynnette Flatt

  2. Diane Lloyd

    How Romantic! I love it!!

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