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Thankfulness For A Great Wife

Sensual pleasures have the fleeting brilliance of a comet; a happy marriage has the tranquillity of a lovely sunset. – Ann Landers


I am so thankful for my beautiful wife.  Back when I had no money, no degree, and no real job she saw me.  Donna saw what I was and what I would be.  She married me even though people told her it was stupid and would not last. She supports me emotionally, professionally, spiritually, financially, and in all things.  She inspires me to be better, and do better; not by nagging nor by often saying anything, but by example.  I think after 23 years we might have proved them wrong. I suppose only time will tell.

What I see is a caring, compassionate, loving, insightful, Godly, strong woman who loves her family.  She gets up early to read her bible and pray.  She goes to bed late making sure all the chores are done.

The care she places on every event is staggering. She knows who enjoyed certain spices and who did not. She remembers favorite foods as well as what people received for Christmas every year.  I doubt anyone knows how much Donna loves because her love language is serving and giving.

We have spent hours sitting watching a sunset holding hands not saying a word.  We spend hours talking about matters of utmost importance and benign trivialities. We do not share many interests but what we value and hold most dear we are completely in agreement. Donna is my best friend, confidant, lover.

For her I am truly eternally thankful.


It is my desire that you all have the happiness I have found. These are some things that make a happy marriage:

  1. Be friends, true friends. Like kids on a playground, laughing, joking, playing. When you get mad it is quickly and easily forgotten and forgiven.
  2. Never bring up past hurts.
  3. Your friends might pull you or leave you. Your family might dislike or disown you or your spouse. Stay with your spouse, close by their side, especially during these times.
  4. Never go to sleep with an argument outstanding … NEVER
  5. Always meet with a kiss and leave with a kiss.
  6. Money, possessions, and even feelings toward each other can ebb and flow but be thankful for what you have.
  7. In all things, do it in love. Let your love for each other, respect for each other guide your actions and decisions.
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