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A Bit of Synchronicity

Tossing me around like a rag doll, a perfect storm converges to stall me.

In late 2018 and most of 2019, I wrote what was to be chapter one of God is in the Doubt. Over and over, rewriting it to be perfect. Then, changing the viewpoint a bit, this chapter was once again rewritten to sit near the middle of the book and a new chapter one developed.

My laptop handled 99.9% of the book’s effort and struggles during the final edits. The machine freezes often and requires much effort to get started back, and the frequency has me wondering how long it will keep working. So I have pulled out its only viable replacement pictured above.

This was the laptop I gave Caleb to use for college and have avoided using it for anything for the last 33 months. Would it be fortuitous to finish the book using Caleb’s device? God is in the Doubt starts off and ends talking about him, but has very little content about him otherwise. Even though he is not featured much, the book would not have been written had he not died. Now, maybe it will not be finished except for his device.

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