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Sunday was very interesting and enlightening. Despite my book being free on Kindle Unlimited, I wondered how most of my family and friends did not have a copy of my book. Yes, I know they have not because sales are just that low!

I had a person ask about my book at church Sunday and how they wanted to share it with someone who recently lost their child to suicide. Several people overheard, all whom I have known a while, and expressed they did not know I had written a book. Later at church, someone asked if the book was available for purchase yet. Then late in the evening, another person who has bought it and mostly knows our story expressed their reluctance to read it.

I thought all my family and friends knew I had released the book. Apparently not.

 … And if you worry about its content, God Is In the Doubt is NOT the story of my life!

Yes, some of the book is a little rough. It contains hard events to place into perspective how a powerful man of faith can come to question it. However, God Is In the Doubt is a memoir, not an autobiography. A memoir focuses on one aspect or topic and this one is about faith, doubt, and finding God. I hope you come away with a deeper faith or a yearning for being able to state the reason for your faith even better than you do now. If you are still concerned about the content, I will promise you will survive reading it as Donna and I have survived living it!

I would hope you would buy the paperback so you can give it to someone you know is going through a tough time after you read it, but if you can not and need it free, the Kindle Unlimited special ends soon!



God Is in the Doubt


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