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Caleb Twitter Insights

People have asked me to post more about what Caleb was like. I went through Caleb’s Twitter timeline and picked some tweets that help show who he is along with a bit of commentary on this 57th monthiversary of his death.


Friday the 13th is real folks. But in all seriousness guys please do #PrayForJapan and #PrayForParis

Caleb came across as callous when he was guarded but he cared deeply for the plight of others.


Found out that somehow @bbuckner got my name on a plaque that is ON A SPACESHIP… IN SPACE!!!!!

I cannot exaggerate how happy our dear friend Barbie made Caleb when she placed his name on the mission to an asteroid. He always wanted to be in space and this was the closest he thought he would get, at least for many years.


I find it disturbing that I can buy a suit cheaper than I can a pair of jeans and a crappy looking shirt

Donna and I would vie for who did not have to take Caleb clothes shopping! It could take hours and still walk away with nothing purchased. The waist had to fit because belts are optional. The legs must be baggy since he hated to feel constrained but not look baggy and must be about a half inch too long for reasons unknown to this day. The crappy looking t-shirt was a must buy. They were actually fantastic shirts, like a Green Lantern, Goonies, Spiderman, etc, but must look several years old.


So who knew that the last 100 miles or so of I-75 wouldnt have cell service?
#SouthGAProbz Save me

If Coldplay isn’t in your top 5 fav bands, you don’t appreciate good music

I razzed Caleb often about his love for Coldplay. Now I listen to them to feel connected to him. While not my favorite, they are a really good band.


#YouMightBeARedneck if your neighbor skips school and rides his horse down your street

Yes, this happened. We also would have horses in our yard on occasion when their fence broke.


You know you shouldn’t be somewhere when there are four buses of kindergardeners there. #dumb



I know exactly where you’ve been all my life. #NSAPickUpLines

Caleb was a staunch supporter of the Constitution and the NSA’s flagrant violation of it caused him as much concern as it does me. Despite repeated congressional attempts to reign their illegal spying in, it continues but now under the Department of Homeland Security.


I love my theatre people 🙂

If Caleb had to choose between me and theatre, I may be disappointed.


Why can’t people communicate better?

This may be the most ironic tweet ever sent by anyone in history though I am not sure he meant it ironiccally. His mother and I constantly coaxed any communication from him.


How I Met Your Mother is the best thing ever

Well, maybe the best SITCOM ever.


Of course, sitting in a hallway where there are tons of windows will save us… Great idea guys

If I let you control the music in my car, it means I would probably take a bullet for you.

I find it a compliment when I’m asked to bomb a final so there can be a curve #SmartKidProbz #CurveAssassin

Of the three above, the apple did not fall from the tree.


Skyrim soundtrack in the theatre like a boss 🙂

Oh, and I lost my phone somewhere in the school too #LifeIsAwesome #sarcasm

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit…”


#IDontHaveTimeFor the PSAT tomorrow…
seriously going to die from all the work I will miss and have to make up.

He thought the PSAT was a wasted effort since it did not count. He thought he should just take the SAT and be done with it. Oh, he practically aced the PSAT and SAT.


#MentionSomeoneWhoMakesYouHappy @davidlloyd @DonnaLloyd 🙂

This makes me so happy.


“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” – Neil Armstrong

Did I mention how much he loved space? That includes the astronauts and learning all about it.


#4famouswords Rule 2- Double tap

#GreatestAlbumsOfAllTime Mylo Zyloto- Coldplay, Comatose- Skillet

I played Comatose over and over and over… I love Skillet! After thinking he would prefer something else, I put started playing Kutless and some others. He asked me to put on Skillet. Until this tweet, I thought he just did not care for the other bands.


#IfIwonthelotterytonight I would only keep 20% the rest would go to other people. Does anyone really need that much money??

Totally forgot about this tweet and was thinking the same thing back a few weeks ago when the lottery went high.


watching Lord of the Rings for the nth time, but it never gets old #bestmovieever



“If you wait till the last minute, it’ll only take a minute.”

The world’s last great procrastinator. Caleb might not would have been last except he put off his entry paperwork.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”-Einstein Anyone want to remind me why we go to school? #schoolsucks

That panicky feeling you get when you realize that you haven’t finished that essay due the next day <

I mentioned procrastination, right?


#YouWannaImpressMe #stopSOPA

Obama just signed a law that allows citizens of the United States to be imprisoned without any charges or trial, welcome to hell.

Caleb was 15 years old at this time. By 12 he could discuss politics with anyone and explain his position better than 99% of adults. He knew world history and why history occurred politically and apply it to modern circumstances.


Oh world history class, why must your essays assail my brain….

The essays were easy for Caleb. It was their interruption of his gaming time that assailed him!


Killing zombies is fun…
that is all

Saw the trailer for The Hobbit, and I must say, I am exited #cantwaitforit

Just went antique shopping and got absolutely nothing… #coincollecting #itsnotworking

I used to be on twitter alot, but then i took an arrow to the knee…

Gaming, coin collecting, epic movies, he loved it all.


When your dad fixes your computer for you>

Had an #amazing day yesterday, hung out with #twitterless Sean, then babysat the sister, followed by gaming with @davidlloyd and @gregesque

Fun times!!!


Watching The Dark Knight #lovethatmovie

I have lost count how many times I have watched this movie. Every single time is awesome, especially with Caleb.


Watching a play-through of Amnesia with dad #fun #scary

Oh! I forgot about this!


Northern Lights in GA???
Why do I always miss cool stuff like this…

Don’t worry Caleb. As you said many times, if we went out to watch it, the clouds would suddenly roll in and rain would fall until the event was over, especially if we pulled out the telescope.


Is happy to have made cast for “Trysting Place” #lml

Just beat Crysis (the hardest game ever) in one sitting, #likeaboss
granted that sitting lasted 12 hours, but still… #Iamawesome

So I was driving the boat, and right when I started to drive “Come sail away” by styx started playing #ftw

It was EPIC! (all three)


Xbox 360 kinect, halo, the works. Went to Pappadeaux for lunch/supper, got Crab Legs, will soon be feasting on cupcakes. #lml #bestdayever
Gotta love my parents after all that 🙂



Just read the label on my antibiotics for my toe infection, and said,”The cure is worse than the disease!” Some scary stuff on there!

Pizza Pizza!!
Pizza for supper tonight.=)
@madilynlloyd has gone ballistic over it not being here, it hasnt even been 10 minutes.

“Stormy weather for north Georgia” *somewhere in north Georgia a man walks into the warm spring air, enjoying the warm evening sun*

beat @davidlloyd at othello (board game) for the first time EVER today =), now going to bed.

I never let people win and the payoff is when they know that and beat you. This joyous moment came years after he beat me in chess which I think to this day is one of his top five proudest accomplishments.


Half hour of Madi screamin im worn out

We all were.


Can smell the AMAZING breakfast that @davidlloyd & @DonnaLloyd are making YUM

Finally have my braces in after 2 hours of pain… Its weird hauin tons of crap on ur teeth


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