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God Is In the Doubt Released

In August 2018, a story started dancing in my head. Sure, I had lived through some tough times in the first 20 years of marriage, but 2010 shook me to my core. The years following kept shaking me until I broke. Then Caleb died in 2018.

Shattered, I crawled picking up pieces. A realization hit me that August. I needed to write about what happened in 2010. The idea grew on its own. The title for the book existed before the first word showed up on (digital) paper.

The realization which hit me? God Is In the Doubt!

This book is that story. We all have hopes and desires which get shattered. Some of these desires are a part of our foundation and when they are gone, we become unstable. You have something which is your foundation. If you are a Christian, you may say it is Jesus. If you asked me in 2009, I would have. This book challenges you to question what is your foundation, especially if you answered “God” or “Jesus”, because my foundations disappeared the following year.


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  1. Jason Lents

    I’m looking forward to getting this book and reading it. Thank you for putting so much into it and I’m going to order one today.

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