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Super Bowl

We never had any family near and since 1995 we have had no close friends who hang out like a family. So Caleb and I would put together a Super Bowl party at our house and invited the whole house to participate. Most of the time it was just the three of us or sometimes the foster kids would join in.

We would put together some favorite snacks, like meatballs or wings, chips and salsa, brownies, etc. While there was a mild interest in the game, mostly we’d laugh and poke fun at it. We loved the commercials though! Before the half-time show, we’d bake pizza or fix a tray of veggies and enjoy the show. There was nothing special about the day or game, but having an excuse to hang out with your teen for a few uninterrupted hours is EPIC!

A lot has changed now with him gone. I have no one to watch the game with or to laugh with me over the silliness of the game. Instead, I sit watching house flipping shows, mindlessly, while wishing Caleb was here.

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