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28 Years

In a courthouse, 28 years ago, Donna and I said “I do” before each other, 2 friends, a judge eating a sandwich, and God. She married me even though people told her it was stupid and would not last.

Who could have predicted what would come? No matter if the future would be laughter or tears, joy or sorrow, poverty or plenty, or fun or pain, we knew we could weather it all by being together. We have had every one of these and we are still here. We used to joke we stubbornly stayed together to prove our detractors wrong. The truth is Donna has always been my supporter, motivator, friend, companion, and lover.

There is no one with which I’d rather go through hell-on-earth and spend eternity in paradise.

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  1. True dedication. Congratulations on your 28 years together. Longevity is so rare in this day and age and y’all are an inspiration.

    • My mother’s name is Donetta and Donna for short. Her and my father were married until his very last breath. They were together 46 years.

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