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Writing Your Grief: Grief is Everywhere

Grief is everywhere …

Everywhere I look I see you. Star Wars toys I bought when you were small have sat on my office shelves since you went to the university are a constant reminder of the times we shared.  We watched all the Star Wars movies together many times and played with these toys for endless hours. This superficial love of space turned into a real love, a passion, a mission, and a job.

The missing stocking not hung over the fireplace is a missing man formation; a silent Christmas memorial for you. My dark yard, devoid of the lights with which you loved to decorate, haunts me each time I see it. The tree which held all the ornaments you ever made or gave us is still in the box.

Friends post pictures of their adult children performing theater. You loved the theater almost as much as space. There are pictures of marriages and new grandchildren. I long for the daughter-in-law I will never know and your unborn children now in the wind.

Everywhere I look I do not see you.

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