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1000 Days

Today is 1000 days, very nearly thirty-three months, since Caleb died.

Some people think I should be over it and move on. Some people think I should focus on the positives in my life, effectively ignoring one of the biggest positives my life had.

No one else understood my nerdy side like he did. He got my dry humor, unlike others. Caleb understood it because he was just as big of a weird nerd as I am. We had kindred souls.

He loved my dad-jokes and puns. I think he made better puns than I do and would incorporate obscure references, historical, political, and scientific.

I think about him every day, several times a day. I have at least 10,000 more days to go.

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  1. One thing that sucker punched me in the beginning (and still) is when a person said their child died 20 years prior! I almost vomited. Making it one day was hard! Twenty years without him here??? Sigh! Overwhelming to consider!

    • david

      Faith, I have the same type of reaction. I first experienced it when I met you! I could not fathom one year, much less multiple. Now I am almost three years out and still am gut punched meeting someone a few years further. Making it one more day is still exceedingly hard.

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