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Mars Attack

I have had a rough week. Having thought I was past most of it, I was sitting on the couch, catching up on work, while watching a show. I brought my work computer upstairs specifically so I would not do any writing or even think of it. I wanted to decompress this evening. It bothers me I think working is a way to decompress, but it is a way to keep my mind actively distracted.

Mars had other plans. I wrote Canny, Clever, Caleb Chess the last time Mars was in perihelic opposition. Please go read it. It is much better written than this and describes the importance of the event. When I realized this was occurring, I panicked. How can an event which occurs once every 26 months be happening the second time since Caleb died? How did I forget an event so monumentous that Mars is a large focal point of my tattoo? All I wanted was a brief break.

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