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Space Camp

In Canny Clever Caleb Chess, I tell of Caleb’s promise and fulfillment of working for NASA. As a part of his plan to do so, he begged to go to Space Camp. He was convinced it would move him forward as a prospect. I knew it would give him an education and foster his ambition. We let him go twice, once when he was ten and again at fourteen.

He was so small! I cannot believe I allowed him to stay a week at camp with strangers. He loved it. Look how relaxed, content, and at home he is in the picture by the sign! I took this picture when we picked him up after camp. We took time to go through the Space Center’s museum with Caleb and our foster child.us space rocket sign2

The second time Caleb went, he was allowed to do much more. We signed him up for the aviator challenge. This gave him flight simulator time which he loved. I think we still have the aviator suit.

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On the way home from camp the first time, we discovered Little River Canyon National Preserve. This is a lovely park with falls. We stopped and let the kids play in the water. We spent an afternoon this summer at Little River canyon with Madilyn and told her all about Caleb at Space Camp and stopping here this day in 2006.

I do not know if camp helped Caleb get in NASA but this random Saturday in 2006 ranks in the top 10 days of my life. It is weird how a random day becomes important twelve years later. It is also weird how fun days with my daughter get interrupted with facts about her dead brother because she needs to know him.

To the little girl in this picture: I know your name but am protecting your privacy. You are probably 18-20 years old now. The foster care system keeps kids distant but I would like to reconnect. You are loved.

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